Alexandr Elichev

Eldar Survivalist

Eldar Survivalist card Conquest alt art Promo World Champs 2016 done for @fantasyflightgames. It is a pity that FFG does not work with Games...

Tower of Worship

I got new ups parcel with new #wh40k #Conquest expansion The Warp Unleashed with my card " Tower of Worship ".

Corrupted Teleportarium

"On a Chaos teleportation pad, a squad of Chaos Terminators prepare to teleport". My new cards "Corrupted Teleportarium" for Warhammer40k...

Toxic Spore Sacs

My new card art "Virulent Spore Sacs" - for Warhammer40k Conquest the Great Devourer expansion.

The Warp

My illustration "Warpstorm" for card game : @Warhammer40,000:Conquest

Necron Portal: Obedience

"In a steamy jungle, a group of Necron Warriors are being escorted out of the glowing green portal of a Monolith by a Necron Lord, who appears in...

Rumbling Tomb Stalker

Card art "Rumbling Tomb Stalker" for Warhammer40k Conquest Slash and Burn war pack.

Webway Passage

Webway Passage card art for Warhammer40k Conquest fantasyflightgames .

Spore Burst

My new card art "Spore Burst" for Warhammer40k Conquest boardgame the Great Devourer expansion.