Big Techpriestess

Big Techpriestess

Commission This is based on a custom AdMech priestess model, which is pretty rad, made by the...

Crush Your Enemies

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License


I run Rogue Trader on Wednesdays and she's a part of our merry band of misfits ūüėÄ We have a pretty huge crew and a lot of them are sketched out,...

Castellan Crowe

Commission for ForzaDelDestino2k8 The space book said this one was...

Grey Knight Lydianna

Commission for Email Client TWITTER: PATREON:

Ariel Baruch

This was a labour of love that finally came together on stream today, glad to come back to the Eternal Legion again.

Iron Tusk Chapter Master

Commission for WhiteRavenLord TWITTER: PATREON:

Void Wardens Captain

Commission for Viratin TWITTER: PATREON:

Red Corsair

Probably my most satisfying commission this year, everything came together really well


Just so we're clear, its Necron inspired, not an actual Necron.