David Alvarez

Black Library: Castellan

Hi all, Today I share with you a new cover for The Black Libary, this is the second time that I draw Castellan Crowe in his fights, with as much...

Black Library: The Last Hunt

Today, I share with you a new cover I've done for Black Library, The Last hunt. I enjoyed a lot, painting a spacemarine fighting on a sunny day...


Artwork for Warhammer Deathwatch codex

Astorath VS Ghazghkull

Blood Angels vs Orks. These are games like Warhammer that pushed me to learn drawing. I hope you will like it.

Black Library: Warden of the Blade

I had a big surprise in my mailbox last Saturday, I received an exemplary of Warden of Blade, Yeah ! It's my first cover for Black Library, books...