Diego Gisbert Llorens

Sevatar, VIIIth Legion Night Lords

Sevatar, VIIIth Legion Night Lords

I figured the 8th portrait in this series should belong to the VIIIth Legion, and I had Sevatar in my list for quite a while now. It was a lot of...

Kor Phaeron- Word Bearers 1st Captain

Continuing my Horus Heresy Legions project with perhaps the most despicable of all the characters involved, safe for Erebus himself. This guy is...

Digital Painting Demo

I was asked to perform a demo plus Q&A for the character design students of one of the art universities here in Berlin, and this is the result....

Gabriel Santar-Iron Hands Legion

Just some Horus Heresy fanart, following my series of portraits of heroes of the Legiones Astartes. These are quite fun, comfort zone sort of...

Plague Marine

Another warhammer 40K character, this time a regular Plague Marine (is there anything regular to these guys). They are extremely fun to play,...

Ahzek Ahriman-Thousand Sons legion

As part of my life-long obsession with the Warhammer 40K/30K universe, I have decided to illustrate portraits of some Horus Heresy characters...

Apostle of Contagion

Just another putrid fellah going out for a stroll with his harmless Manreaper scythe ^___^

Commander Shadowsun

I think it's safe to post this now that the Tau vs Raven Guard releases are out. It causes me emotional pain to depict Tau beating up Astartes.

Kneel Before Me!

Interior illustration for the Tome of Excess, just released by Fantasy Flight Games.