Hannu Kokkonen

Saint of Battle

Made yet another sisters of battle =/ in terminator armour looks bit like a power armour. made in photoshop. enjoy!


The tyranids Trygon. made in photoshop. Edit: made spacemarine bit smaler so Trygon looks bigger. Enjoy!

Tyranid Swarmlord

Tyranid swarmlord from Warhammer 40k universe. made in photoshop used a wacom pen. Enjoy!

The Sister of Battle

fanart of warhammer 40k sisters of battle. Edit: fixed some on the head to give it more crisp. made in photoshop

Black Templar Chaplain

Space marine : Black templar chaplain. Im a big fan of the board game Warhammer 40K. So i decide to make a fanart image. Hope you like it. =)...

Tyranids Hive Brood

Tyranid hive brood leaping forward. infront the hive tyrant. "characters from warhammer 40k world". this what i created and now i want to make...