Ibrahem Swaid

Sister of Battle WIP

Greetings friends and followers, well here is another wip from this piece, I have been working on it for so long and months would pass between...

Attack on Praetoria

The hive city of Praetoria is nothing but ruins now and its a victory for the Orks...

The XIV Primarch

Mortarion, XIV Primarch, the Death Lord, son of the Emperor of Mankind, Leader of the Death Guard Legion, Chosen son of Father Nurgle. ruler of...

The XV Primarch

Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, the Red Cyclops, Primarch of the XV Legion the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine.

War Within the Webway

So finally and after such a long time, the final Webway illustration for the II Legion. Honestly I found out that I need to put more time into...

Tlatia True Daughter of The Emperor

Greetings friends and followers. This is the final illustration for Tlatia, a commission I have been working on for the past 2 weeks. working on...

The I Primarch

Lion El'Jonson, son of the Emperor of Mankind, Primarch of Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter. A sleep within the Rock, yet to rise to lead the...

The V Primarch

Jaghatai Khan, Son of the Emperor of Mankind, Primarch of the White Scars space marines legion.

The Imix

The third illustration for the Dawn Lords legion.