Vador Jhonig

Vador Jhonig

Vador Jhonig - a Magos Biologis serving at the Ezo Soldaris research outpost, investigating a specimen originating from Hive Fleet Ouroboros...

Drailai is unimpressed

New commission! Drailai, Tyranid slayer, a succubus of The Sea of Blood cult, toying with the remains of her victim. She wasn't impressed with...

Magos Sundraz

Sundraz, Magos Metallurgicus; commission for Ethan

BLM charity drive icons

The icons I've made for the charity drive organized by MistyMiasma These are just 18 icons but it honesty nothing comparing to the amount of work...

Necron bois

My dA submissions aren't very reflective of how I've been lusting for space skellies recently, so here's a small pick of the recent arts with them.

The Blessing of Saint Mina

Canoness Naga of the Order of the Defiant Will, Minoris to the Order of the Bloody Rose. Commission for Fluffy Dargon.

Seravin Corr

Seravin Corr, ground force commander of a penal legion Savlar Chem-Dogs, commission for Thomas Now I really want to read more about these guys,...

You Will Yee Your Last Haw

I was commissioned to draw this little illustration as a reward for a writing contest winner, I was told more details about the context but...