L J Koh

The Irondrakes

The Irondrakes

A really fun private commission for a Fan-made Irondrakes Legion. Primarch Aragorn and his massive Drake companion Ignis lay waste to the...

Khorne Insignia

Khorne Insignia

Custom Khorne insignia traditional commission, ink on paper.

Chapter Master Einherjar

Chapter Master Einherjar

Private custom commission for a Fan Chapter Master of the Allfather Einherjar , a Norse inspired Space Wolves successor chapter.

Fulgrim The Phoenician

Fan art of Fulgrim during the great crusade era. The flamboyant Primarch of the Emperor's Children who eventually turned traitor and servant of...

Brothers till the End

A fun dark angel and space wolf duo fan art commission painting done for a client.

Living Saint Hazel

A really fun private commission of a custom living saint character from Warhammer 40k.

Saint Celestine

Warhammer 40k fan art and Card design. St Celestine, the Living Saint of the Adeptas Sororitas' Order of Our Martyred Lady.

Leman Russ duels Lion El’ Jonson

A Custom 40k commission painting done for a client. A scene from the Black Library audiobook: Leman Russ. The Great Wolf by Chris Wraight. The...

The Angel’s Last Flight

Fan art of the climatic fight between Primarch Sanguinius and the Chaos Warmaster Horus on board the Vengeful Spirit battleship. The battle-weary...

Chaos Space Marine

A Warhammer 40k fan art commission painting done for a client. This is the first time i did a Chaos Space marine and I really enjoyed painting...

Mechanicus Fleetmaster

A really fun warhammer 40k commission painting of a custom techpriest done for a client.

Iron Drakes Primarch

A really fun private commission for a Fan chapter primarch of the Iron Drakes Legion.