Shining Spears

Colored up this Shining Spear aspect warrior making mince meat of an Ork. Original artist is Karl Kopinski.

Greatness Devoured

Colored up the Necrons laying down the law to some uppity Tyranids. Original artist is Dave Gallagher.

Eldar Wraithlord

Colored up a Wraithlord of Craftworld Iyanden striding through the flames of battle. Original artist unknown.

Angel Apocalypse

Thought I'd give a proper send off to my string of BAngels pics with this colorization of the fellows in an epic battle. This is the first...

Canoptek Wraith

Colored up some Scarabs making a happy meal of a dreadnought and a Wraith about to dust some Stormtroopers. Original artist is Paul Dainton.

The Necrontyr Rise

Colored up a Necron invasion force carving a swathe through Imperial forces. And that's a wrap for the latest Necron codex, until next time, back...

High Lords of Terra

Colored up this pic of the High Lords of Terra, those who rule in the Emperors 10k year long absence. From left to right: Inquisition, Imperial...

Khorne’s Fury

Colored up this cool pic of the daemons of Khorne giving some Tyranids the proverbial bitch slap! Original artist is Adrian Smith.