Marc Lee

The Helwinter Gate

The Helwinter Gate

Another cover artwork done for Black Library - The Helwinter gate written by Chris Wraight. Ice, Snow and Space Wolves, in front of the Eye of Terror.


'Shadowbreaker' (probably one of the coolest titles I've heard), written by the one and only Steve Parker for @black_library_official ..! Talon...

Honour Bound

Recent coverwork done for Rachel Harrison's new book, Honour Bound for Black Library, her inaugural novel debut. Probably the first female...

Blood of Iax

Army of two! Another previous cover artwork done for Black Library's Warhammer 40k novels, this one written by Robbie MacNiven. I need to know...

Spear of The Emperor

Cover artwork done for Black Library's Warhammer 40k title 'Spear of The Emperor', written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden..!

Act of Faith

Ilo quarter-page artwork done for Warhammer 40k, via Fantasy Flight Games. Warhammer 40k is copyright Games Workshop 2010


Black Templar Scout finally rises into th fabled ranks of th Space Marine Legions. Done for another WH40k comic book cover... Done in Photoshop...

Even in Death, I still Serve

Hey guys, cover art for one o th Warhammer 40k books! Had a lot of fun n lessons learnt while doin this. Finally able to put it up, so here it...

Fearless v2.0

Spruced up th original painting, adding a gold eagle thingy on th squadleader dude n some adjustments to th atmospheric lighting n such. This one...