Mark Gibbons

House Escher Matriarch

House Escher Matriarch

Painted for the 'House of Blades' Necromunda book but cut before publication. C'est la...

Space Wolves Grey Hunter

3,000 Likes! What a marvellous bunch you are and what excellent taste you all have. To celebrate this landmark I'm going to be sharing a handful...

Ork Warbike

Today it's 'WAAAGHammer Unseen' as we back the trukk up to 1997 for this unpublished Ork Warbike.

Space Wolves Blood Claws

After decades locked in the vaults, the original Space Wolves Blood Claws art has just boarded USPS's Thunderhawk gunship, on its way to a new...

Ultramarine Honour Guard

One of those cool occasions when I got to work on a character from concept sketch to final illustration.