Raymond Swanland

Eldar Codex

It's a New Year - time for some new art! Here's the ELDAR CODEX for Warhammer 40K. Cheers!

Black Library: Macharian Crusade

We've got a quick peek at Raymond's third piece in William King's Macharian Crusade from the Black Library. There is no title just yet, as this...

Blood Gorgons

We've got some more Warhammer 40k today with the cover for BLOOD GORGONS by Henry Zou from the Black Library. It was recently repurposed for the...

First of Demetrius

As a quick extra treat, here is the full panoramic version of the cover for William King's FIST OF DEMETRIUS from the Black Library.

Rune Priest Stormcaller

Need more wind? I've always got more wind! This is STORMCALLER. Another Warhammer 40K cover from The Black Library.

Dark Eldar Codex

Here is something pleasantly sinister. This is the DARK ELDAR CODEX for Warhammer 40K.

Eldar: Farseer

Back to some Warhammer 40K. This is the CRAFTWORLD ELDAR CODEX for Games Workshop.

Blood Angels Codex

Can't go too long without some Space Marines. This is the BLOOD ANGELS CODEX for Warhammer 40K.

Tau Codex

Upon request, and for all the mech lovers out there, here is the cover for the TAU CODEX for Games Workshop.

Ork Codex

Time for some dirty Orks! This is the ORKS CODEX for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K.