Tze Kun Chin
(陈志堃 | Kevin Chin)

For the Emperor!
For the Emperor!
Chaos Space Marines ArtworkSpace Marines Artwork

For the Emperor! Copyright Games Workshop PLC Interior artwork for the "Space Marines codex". The Iron Cage once more.

Silver Light
The Silver Light
Daemons & Chaos ArtworkSpace Marines Artwork

The Silver Light Interior art for codex: Grey Knights. "The Grey Knights are the silver light across a galaxy of darkness, bane of daemons and...

The Emperor of Mankind
The Emperor of Mankind
Chaos Space Marines ArtworkImperium of Man ArtworkSpace Marines Artwork

Interior art for "Warhammer 40,000 6th edition rule book". I leaped at the chance to paint this, tried to draw on all the art that was done of...