Dark Eldar

An off-shoot of the Eldar race with its origins before The Fall, the Dark Eldar differ radically in culture if not biology from their Craftworld cousins. Centred around the Dark City of Commorragh which is located within the ancient Labyrinthine Dimension of the Eldar Webway, the Dark Eldar are a depraved society characterised by sadistic violence and hedonistic excess who continue to indulge in the same vices that caused the Eldar empire's Fall. They are sustained by absorbing the psychic suffering of their victims and slaves, who they acquire from all the other species of the galaxy during raids from the Webway into realspace. Humanity often fails to make a distinction between the Eldar and the Dark Eldar as the two can appear anatomically and technologically identical, though the cultural distance between them is actually vast.

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