Carcharodons Harrakaí the Voidthresher

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Jul 19, 2020

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Carcharodons Harrakaí the Voidthresher by Orniris Terensi



Original character by @grimdarktales

Harrakai joined the Eye of Damo cles recently, following the diplomatically successful reintegration of Carcharodons Captain Oruhau, who had submitted himself as a black shield in order to win the trust of the Watch Companies through merit.

After the Eye of Damocles was reacquainted with the largely unrecognized deep void-faring chapter, a second Space Shark soon submitted himself for service into the kill teams. This behemoth rarely speaks, and bears a decidedly foreign mien, but his bonds of brotherhood are quickly forming as he proves himself both an unrivaled killer and an invaluable asset to his fellow veterans.

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