The Aeldari or the Eldar as they were long known to outsiders, are an ancient and highly advanced species of humanoid xenos whose vast empire once extended the width and breadth of the known galaxy. In its time, the Aeldari Empire was without equal in the galaxy, spreading across both realspace and the Webway. They counted themselves masters of the stars and every Aeldari was born a potent psyker, their abilities often used to both create and power their almost magical technology. Even death was no barrier, for when the Aeldari’s spirits eventually left their mortal bodies they dissolved peacefully back into the Immaterium to be reborn again in new forms, for the Warp did not thirst for Aeldari souls then as it does today.

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STARE DOWN by Tony Warne Salamander and Banshee

Last Days Of Ector
The Last Days Of Ector
Aeldari ArtworkSpace Marines ArtworkTyranids Artwork

This is the cover art of the novella "The Last Days Of Ector" by Guy Haley, published by the Black Library. I painted it during the christmas...

Aeldari Artwork

Eldar little bit more polished version of my older picture