Engines of War

The engines of war through the 40K universe are many. These can be anything from the city crushing titans to the tanks used to level troops in battle. This is a collection of artworks that the main theme or major part of the art has the engines of war.

An Unending Crusade

An Unending Crusade

"Even till death I will serve, for the honour of the Emperor" The Battle for Drakkarge Hive had dragged for months since Orkish reinforcements...

Terminus Est

The Terminus Est, chariot of Typhus the Traveler, Herald of Nurgle

The Lady and the Knight

Interior artwork for "Codex: Imperial Knights". Every knight needs their lady to bless them off to glorious battles, and what I like is that I...


Interior artwork for "War Zone Damocles: Kauyon". Bit of an interesting one, the brief was to show Farsight communicating with the various...