Mordian Iron Guards

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Apr 13, 2022
Astra Militarum Artwork
Mordian Iron Guards

Hermann Wolfram – Warhammer 40,000 Fan Art

Hermann shook with exhaustion as the final shot rang out, tearing the Feral-Class Titan in two. The heat and steam from the weapons vent filled the gunners compartment as he clambered out the top of his Shadowsword, the illusion of a man rising up from hell was all but clear at this instant as blood caked his face and body, his once blue uniform now stained with red. He observed the landscape, blackened with ash and sullied maroon with blood. It was a sight not many should ever have to witness yet here he was; The last of his crew, the Mordian, the Sergeant, the hero of the skirmish. As the Medicae mounted the tank and hoisted him from the cupola he could hear chanting all around him. ‘Wolfram! Wolfram! Wolfram!’ He had not but a moments rest when the commissar called upon him. It was time to fight again.

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