Night Lords Legion Ger’zass the Anvil Lord

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Jul 6, 2020

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Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Night Lords Legion Ger’zass the Anvil Lord by Orniris Terensi

Ger’zass the Anvil Lord Eighth Legion Tank Commander

Original character by @251stexpeditionaryfleet

Ger’zass the Anvil Lord. Ger’zass the merciless. Ger’zass was the Talon- master of the 42nd heavy armored, Night Lords Legion.

A Terran by birth, he earned his moniker after a failed insubordination saw the usurper drawn and quartered by the Anvil Lords’ command glaive and several other fellblades.

Witness accounts reported that the remnants were ordered by Ger’zass to be ground under tread by the 42nd’s flag mastodon, “so that the bastard can’t come crawl out of whatever hell awaited him”.

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