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It's Poll Time

The 40K Gallery Polls are mostly for fun but would like to see what everyone’s views are on these. Some I will use to help improve the site or collect specific work from time to time. Some are great feedback and seeing how things are going in the 40K world. Either way I hope you enjoy them and there should be a new one each month, well at least that is my plan.
Artwork Combat: Holiday Theme
Artwork Combat: Holiday Theme

December 2023 Well, it’s that time of the year again and this artwork battle is about the Holiday Theme. Pick one of your favorite 40K artwork with the holiday theme and see which one wins. You can vote once in a 6-hour period, so come back often and vote for your...

Favorite Part of Warhammer 40K
Favorite Part of Warhammer 40K?

November 2023 What is your favorite part of Warhammer 40K that you love doing the most? There are many parts of this game and lore that we love but is there something about Warhammer 40K that you love more than all the others? [gravityform id="6" title="false"...

Artwork Combat: Emperor of Mankind
Artwork Combat: Emperor of Mankind

October 2023 I know there are many great works of the Emperor and I've selected these 6 since they are similar in composition for the first of the "Artwork Combat" polls I plan on doing. Select your favorite rendition of the Emperor of Mankind and see who wins....

40K Gallery
What is your favorite 40K faction?

Welcome to the 40K Gallery Polls Mostly for fun, but I would like to see what people’s favorite factions are and try and do my best to get more of that art on the site. SEPTEMBER’S 2023 POLL You can vote once in a 6-hour period. [gravityform id="3" title="false"...