Site News / Updates

Updates and site news about the site from changes, fixes, and any other things of note.

Added Video Tag

I’ve added a new Video tag to the artworks, so if there is a video included for that artwork it is there as well. It’s awesome that some artists do this as I love seeing the creative process and how it was done.

Artist Gallery Links

Well, I finished up the “C”  on the artist gallery links and now working on the “D” (pun not intended) with the links to the main artists galleries. Slow going but I’m getting there, searching for their various galleries and alternative names can be tricky sometimes. I hope you all can find this useful and that the artists get additional exposer.

Always let me know if there is a feature or tool that you would like to see and if I can get it done I will do it. As always, I’m not perfect and if you see an issue with a tag, title or anything else, please let me know.

Artist Signatures

Well, it has been many weeks, but I have finally gotten through all the artists and update their signatures on the Artists Signatures page. Hopefully this will be a useful tool for some of you, I’ve already used it a couple of times now. I now must go through and start updating the artist’s gallery links since I started halfway through the signature process.

Wish me luck.

New Category: Xenos Minor

So, I’ve been finding some new artwork for the minor xenos races in 40K and have enough to get their own category. I’ve updated the categories on the images so that should be populated now.

Artist Quick Links

Well, here is a new update to the site and I hope that you find it useful. I’ve been going through and adding the signatures to the artist profiles, but I decided to start adding in some “quick links” to the artist galleries, social media, and other websites. Hopefully this will bring some more traffic to their sites and generate more views for their talented work. Hopefully some extra income as well.

I hope you like this feature and if you have any updates or suggestions for the site, please let me know.

Oh, and just finished the “S” section. I will be going back and getting the other quick links in.

Download Image Button

I’ve added a download image button that will be below the artwork that should allow you to download the image in JPG or PNG format instead of the WEBP format used on the site. If you have any issues please contact me and let me know. This will not work in IE if you are using that but Edge should be fine.

Adding in artists signatures

I’ve been adding in the artists signatures that I have on the site, if you haven’t seen it yet you can find that here. I just finished up the “M” group and still going. I hope you find this tool useful. I’ve been finding and checking links to the source images as well. You might have seen some listings disappear but that is due to that I had an alias for the artist, and I’ve combined it under their name.