Space Wolves Legion Thor Lothbruk

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Sep 20, 2020

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Space Wolves Legion Thor Lothbruk by Orniris Terensi




Original character by @the__rout

The last remaining of the 3 Lothbruk brothers of Dek Tra. Helvr and Sven both walk the red snow.

+++ Last seen in the battle for the Temple of Photep. Thor led a pack of Grey slayers and Deathsworn directly into the heart of an enemy stronghold. They accounted for the complete collapse of the Thousands sons counter attack. +++

+++ Reports suggest that his packs were eventually slain to a man by The Thousand Son sorcerers as they used some kind of warp portal to phase in and out of the battle. Thor, in a rage, smashed the attackers and sent the leaders running back into the portal they emerged from. His last report came as he joined with a Wolf Lord of Dek Sepp and his remaining Varagyr. Thor leads the small pack into the closing portal, directly chasing down the traitor wizards. +++

+++ It was hours until He reported again…

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