Bio-Titan Artwork

A Bio-Titan is a monstrously large Tyranid bioform intended to counter the greatest war engines deployed by the other intelligent species of the Milky Way Galaxy. Towering above the battlefields, leading the swarms of lesser Tyranid creatures, stand the vast forms of the Bio-Titans. These massive biomechanical war-machines stalk the warzones of the Imperium spitting death and destruction, cutting down their foes with potent bio-weapons.

Tyranid Horde

Tyranid Horde Advancing

Tyranid Horde Advancing I recently finished this as a commission for Epic-UK. It was one of two pics used as prizes for this year's Epic Grand...

For The Emporer

This one took awhile to finish. I started out modelling a single Space Marine and rigged him so that i could pose him i various positions. After...

Mors Imperator

Mors Imperator

Mors Imperator This was done for the Black Widow Company (a fellow SM player group) in WH40k - Eternal Crusade. They requested a kick-ass battle...

Squat Cyclops

Squat Cyclops

A Squat Cyclops War Engine gets to work on the Tyranid horde.

The Tyranid Outcast

The origin of Ymgarl is a mystery, the reason for its lost of psychic link to hive is also unknown. Makes me wonder what made the hive mind...

Warzone Valedor

No world is safe from the ravenous appetite of the Great Devourer. The planet of Valedor learnt this lesson to its...

Trygon vs Space Wolves

Here a Trygon has sprung a subterranean surprise attack upon a patrol of Space wolves in the mountains surrounding their mountain fortress. The...

Greatness Devoured

Colored up the Necrons laying down the law to some uppity Tyranids. Original artist is Dave Gallagher.