Bloodthirsters Artwork

A Bloodthirster is the Greater Daemon of Khorne, and each is a manifestation of the unreasoning rage and savagery of total war. It is said that there are no more powerful masters of battle in the entire galaxy than the Greater Daemons of the Blood God and that none may stand before them. They are the very essence of brutality, every blow ever struck and life ever taken in anger distilled into a single, towering form of iron and sinew. As the living embodiments of war, rage and murder, Bloodthirsters represent the bloodiest side of warfare and are renowned as the greatest warriors amongst daemonkind.

Trials of Draigo
Trials of Draigo
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Trials of Draigo - Reforging the Titansword “Atop the Blood Falls, where the acrid ichor of Khorn’e fallen champions tumbles endlessly into the...