Carnifexs Artwork

The Carnifex or Carnifex Primus (Carnifex voracio, Carnifex vorantii, Carnifex ululare, Carnifex arbylis, and the Carnifex bilius) is a monstrous creature that essentially acts as an organic main battle tank for the Tyranid Hive Fleets. It is armed with the most advanced Tyranid Bio-Weapons and is used primarily as a shock trooper to carry out starship boarding actions, frontal shock assaults on entrenched positions and for besieging fortified locations or enemy armour formations.

Tyranid Carnifex
Tyranids Artwork

one of the warhammer inspired sculpts I was doing last year 🙂 just finally getting around to uploading it now 🙂 wanted to get quite deep into...

Carnifex Versus Deathwing
Space Marines ArtworkTyranids Artwork

This is a piece I did depicting a Tyranid Carnifex attempting to devour a Deathwing terminator. When at the last minute the mortally wounded...

Tyranid Horde
Tyranid Horde Advancing
Tyranids Artwork

Tyranid Horde Advancing I recently finished this as a commission for Epic-UK. It was one of two pics used as prizes for this year's Epic Grand...

The Great Devourer
Tyranids Artwork

This is a personnal illustratation inspirate by my Tyranid army , In this you can see the Old one eye Carnifex

Tyranids and Sisters Battlescene
Tyranids and Sisters Battlescene
Adepta Sororitas ArtworkTyranids Artwork

My brother is an out and out warhmmer addict so for his birthday I did this picture of his two favourite armies, Tyranids and Sisters of battle,...

Greatness Devoured
Necrons ArtworkTyranids Artwork

Colored up the Necrons laying down the law to some uppity Tyranids. Original artist is Dave Gallagher.

Red Corsairs
Chaos Space Marines ArtworkTyranids Artwork

Following the pacification of Azure Prime by the Red Corsairs, the war band found the system in the path of a Tyranid hive fleet.

Hive Fleet Behemoth
Hive Fleet Behemoth
Space Marines ArtworkTyranids Artwork

The noble Dark Angels face off against a Tyranid horde from Hive Fleet Behemoth.