One of the ways to win a war is to control the skies and the flyers do that. This could be the jets or flying monsters raining death from above; here is a collection of artwork that features or has various flyers in them.


Orkz deff copta on killing spree. Made for a fight (later cancelled) tween orks and tau...

40k: Bring The Noise!

*knock knock* *opens door* "Hello, we have a special delivery of noise for you." "A delivery of wha---" *WUUUUUB wub wub wub BWAAAAAAHH*

The Fight for Ilmaeas

That is a moment from a book "Path of the Incubus." Archon Yllithian and his Kabal of the White Flames was been sent by Asdrubael Vect to conquer...

WH40K – Assault 2

Another piece done to gain a bit more familiarity with the warhammer universe...

For The God Emperor!!

Some Warhammer 40K fan art, Black Templars defending an imperial city against the onslaught of the World Eaters

Forbidden Stars

I painted this two years ago for the game Forbidden Stars by Fantasy Flight

Dark Eldar vs Imperium

Part of an illustration I did for the new Dark Eldar codex. I wasn't very happy with the illustration as a whole, so I probably won't post the...

Black Library: Plagues of Orath

What can I say- this piece ate my weekends! The single greatest challenge behind this image were the requirements: The lead character...

Hammerhead Down

In this scenario, the Tau combat systems research/construction facility that manufactures the Phobos Pattern armour itself, also maintains an...