This is a collection of artworks that deal in a monochromatic color theme, black & white, grayscale or colored with different values. Might have a splash of color but the other-all theme is just one base color.

Dark Eldar Incubi

"I am not a demon, I am much more worse." Archons Guardians. Powerful and deadly, Incubi can easily change the outcome of the battle. Incubi...

Tyranids and Sisters Battlescene

Tyranids and Sisters Battlescene

My brother is an out and out warhmmer addict so for his birthday I did this picture of his two favourite armies, Tyranids and Sisters of battle,...

Lictor Wallpaper

A desktop wallpaper I created back in the day; drawing my

Genestealer 3D Model

My work for Lordi animation team from Germany. Erasmus Brosdau was our director in this project.

Inquisitor Wallpaper

Inquisitor, Same deal as tyranid just more intense. Inquisitor image i found, and edited using brushes etc.

Salamanders Apothecary: Roven Khinod

Roven Khi'nod is a Salamanders Apothecary who is currently standing his second Vigil with the Deathwatch. Before that, he had already won fame...

Port Wander

Port Wander, gateway to the Koronus Expanse