The Ultramarines are considered one of the strongest and most honoured of all the Space Marine Chapters in the Imperium of Man, and were responsible for almost single-handedly holding the Imperium together after the Horus Heresy. Highly disciplined and courageous warriors, the Ultramarines have remained true to the teachings of their Primarch Roboute Guilliman for 10,000 standard years. The Ultramarines were originally the XIIIth Space Marine Legion before the reforms that initiated the Second Founding and reshaped the Imperium after the Heresy on the orders of Guilliman himself as the lord commander of the Imperium and Imperial Regent.


Vengeance: Trygon vs Ultramarine

An illustration for Fantasy Flight Games' soon to be released expansion for their Warhammer 40,000: Conquest card game, called "The Great...

Eternal Crusade

Another work for Behaviour's Eternal Crusade. This is not the finished version they finally used, but just as far as I could take the image, so...

For the Emperor!

Copyright Games Workshop PLC Interior artwork for the "Space Marines codex". The Iron Cage once more.

Space Marines

Its hard to live in Nottingham and not end up doing something Games Workshop related at least once, this one began back when I was working for...

Dark Imperium

For the Warhammer 40k. Box Cover. All right reserved.

Chapter Master

Chapter Master of the Ultramarines and one of the High Lords of Terra