40K Probe Skull


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Size: 600 x 896 (width/height)
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Uploaded: August 14th, 2017
Artist: Michal Grzeskow
Source: gorkechaos.deviantart.com
From the Artist:

It's been a looong time since I uploaded something, or even draw something, so I'm a little bit rusty now. So to get bak in shape I decided to do some practice and with DoW III on horizont, what better warm up them some 40k art? :P Normally I would draw a bunch of art-things and then throw them in the depths of my computer, but I decided to take another approach and post my ... things, to be more motivated to draw more and improve :D So here we are with some fast skull probe form Warhammer. I hope You will enjoy this little pice of scrawl :P

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