Khnum Primarch


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Uploaded: November 7th, 2019
Artist: Max FitzGerald
From the Artist:

“Did you forget what I am? Was my previous naivety and restraint enough to let you think that I was not capable of the same hateful destruction Kodiak or Nautis took such pride in committing? You might have forgotten how the sons of Nephtis hold a grudge when wronged by pestilence like you. Your filth and deceit cost me 90,000 of my sons, and the only payment I will accept is in the annihilation of your pathetic planet. All of the civilians you sent to me hoping I would give sanctuary burn with silent screams in the void of space. Your great works torn down and reduced to little more than rubble. Is this what you wanted Lu Yueh? To see your world razed to cinder as I burn you away like the aftermath of one of your plagues? No matter, a monster has been born, and I come like a never ending tide. This is your final life Lu Yueh, and I am the harbinger sent to end you.” -Khnum to Lu during the Razing of Jining
A commission for the ever expanding alt Universe The Legions Reborn: an Altern

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Space Marines



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