Khorne Skull Hunter


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Size: 1913 x 1920 (width/height)
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Uploaded: September 11th, 2019
Artist: James-Christopher Fauvelle
From the Artist:

Hey all!
I finally took some time to finish this guy. A little while ago I wanted to design some Chaos space marine snipers from the warhammer 40k universe, drawing an unaligned one and 4 cult snipers. Here is the Khorne worshiping sniper. He was one of the most challenging one to design since Khorne is usually assossiated with melee and high aggressivity, in the end I went for something that would be more of a hunter. Able to shoot on the run (Assault weapon), locking on his target and weakening it from range before going for the kill in melee with his ''blood hound'' and his sword.
Only have the Cult of Slaanesh sniper to draw and the design is already done for that one!
Tell me what you think or any critics you have!



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