Against the Tide – Tarsis Ultra

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Dec 28, 2021

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Against the Tide – Tarsis Ultra by Juuso Laasonen

“I fear no evil, I fear no death, for the Emperor comes for me.” – Death Incantation, The Imperial infantryman’s uplifting primer

Depicted here is a scene from one of the myriad gruesome battles the Imperium fought on the planet Tarsis Ultra against the Tyranid hive fleet Leviathan. Forces mustered to counter the Tyranid swarms included two Imperial Guard regiments, 933rd Death Korps of Krieg, 10th Logres and elements of the Ultramarines and Mortifactors space marine chapters as well as the local planetary defense forces. In this remembrancer-pict is seen the 933rd Death Korps and a lone Mortifactors marine set against impossible odds: an endless swarm of Rippers, Hormagaunts and Tyranid Warriors under direct command of a Hive Tyrant. The Tyrant is seen probing the psychology of its foes by singularly picking up the defenders with its whip and mutilating the unfortunate with their bone-sword. Indeed, one could see it as the apex predator simply toying with its prey. On the defender’s side the combat is exactly as the Death Korps like it: extremely dangerous and attritional with men fighting the alien on heaps of corpses, both of their own comrade’s and the enemy’s.

So, this was a ton of work! I wanted to make a good, brutal depiction of the Death Korps and Tyranids engaging in close melee, two forces that both rely on massive numbers and attrition just going at it full tilt. I think I succeeded in making something presentable, I also tried some new techniques in post processing to get the colors better, I hope it looks good.


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