Site News / Updates

Updates and site news about the site from changes, fixes, and any other things of note.

Updated Artists Page

I’ve updated the artists page and added a new “Group” page that should help speed up loading time and sorting to get to artists groups, as well as adding in a quick reference to new artists that have been added.

Wrong Artist Credit

Found that I had this art linked to the wrong artist, I’ve updated that and should be the correct artist now. Sorry about that Zhang Qipeng.

Site Updates

I made some site updates and should have all the artists galleries links updated, if you see any issues please let me know. Some links are broken, normally due to the artist removing or renaming their gallery.

I’m still having issue with the main categories switching on some of the artwork. Not sure why this is and I’m still looking into the issue and why it keeps coming back.

Category Listing Issues

I’ve noticed some category listing issues of artwork that are under the wrong category now, not sure how this happened and all that are affected. I’m going through and updating the ones that I find, but if you see one please let me know. Thank you.

Updating Tag Icons

You might have seen this already but I’ve been updating the icons on the tags for the different chapters and factions with my own designs. I wanted a more universal feel to them as some are all over the place, I’ve gotten a few done with the Space Marines and still need to work on the Chaos Space Marine design. I hope this helps going through the tags and enjoy the look of them.

Warhammer 40K Tag Icons

M artists links done

I’ve got the artists links updated through M now. Keep finding new artwork and updating broken links when I find them.

G & H artists links done

Finally getting back to this update but sections G & H artists links have been updated. If you see any that are missing, please let me know.

Added Video Tag

I’ve added a new Video tag to the artworks, so if there is a video included for that artwork it is there as well. It’s awesome that some artists do this as I love seeing the creative process and how it was done.

Artist Gallery Links

Well, I finished up the “C”  on the artist gallery links and now working on the “D” (pun not intended) with the links to the main artists galleries. Slow going but I’m getting there, searching for their various galleries and alternative names can be tricky sometimes. I hope you all can find this useful and that the artists get additional exposer.

Always let me know if there is a feature or tool that you would like to see and if I can get it done I will do it. As always, I’m not perfect and if you see an issue with a tag, title or anything else, please let me know.