Akh Hedjhotep

Artist: Elijah ArhPriest
(Elijah Gurenko)

Jun 27, 2021 | Chaos Space Marines | 0 comments

Akh Hedjhotep

Akh Hedjhotep, The Emerald Master, Lord of The Emerald Forge.

concept art of the leader of my fan-made warband Emerald Forge.

Meet Akh Hedjhotep, the Emerald Master, creator of the Emerald Forge. Former adept of the Order of Ruin and punished Forge Lord of the Thousand Sons Legion, corrupted by the demon of Tzeentch,Taytet-imi-Duat. He hides his secrets from the eyes of the strongest lords of the Eye of Terror. He is also hiding from the justice of his legion for the knowledge that he stole from the brotherhood. For a long time, his accomplices who served him never met him in the flesh. He was seen as a spiritual avatar that communicated through thoughts or lifeless armor connected to a huge psi-crystal. But during the events of the conquest of Kuru-9 in 999.M36, he was forced to appear in his true form.

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