Amar Parash Primaris Judicar

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Jun 5, 2021

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Space Marines Artwork
Amar Parash Primaris Judicar by Albert Sargsyan

Amar Parash Primaris Judicar of the Lamenters 1st Company First Born Veterans

Lead character in upcoming wattpad novel by Jabo E Giddens Jr. based in the Warhammer 40k Universe

Plot: Yamar, a Fuedal World unnoticed by the Imperium becomes the battlegrounds for The Lamenters Chapter after they answer a distress call from its Planterary Governor to deal with the strange surge of reports of strange Monsters begin to terrorize the populace. The Lamenters, with help from Black Templars, will set out to discover the cause it only to discover a secret so shocking it will question their very trust in the Imperium.

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Jared Clark
Jared Clark
6 months ago

Truly love the perception and imagination of the art featuring Amar Parash, Lamenter’s Primaris Judicar. And seeing as how the Lamenters are my personal favorite chapter, I based my most recent set of cosplay armor off of the artist’s vision. Again, very impressive concept.