Karl Kopinski

Codex City Fight

Codex City Fight

Here’s a real throwback to a piece I did for games workshop while working as in-house illustrator for the codex city fight one of the last...

Titan Pilot

Howdy!, Here's one of my forgeworld pieces from a couple of years ago, I worked very closely with Warwick Kinrade on these and they were a lot of...

Nurgle Sorcerer

Good morning! Here's a piece I did for forgeworld, at GW, nurgle sorcerer, look at that leg! Not much fun looking for reference for him if I...

Shining Spears

Colored up this Shining Spear aspect warrior making mince meat of an Ork. Original artist is Karl Kopinski.

Chaos Cult Enforcer

Oil on primed watercolour paper painted for Forge World Imperial Armour books.