Ash and Marble

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Ash and Marble

The hive was considered expendable by Munitorum standards. As such, incendiary munitions were used and caused mass fires throughout the city. After 72 hours the munitions were switched back to high explosive to disrupt any hostile recovery efforts. This also had the beneficial side effect of putting out many of the fires before infantry and armor would begin their push. Astra Militarum regiments composing of Tul’narus, Krieg, and Cadian forces entered the city three hours after the munitions switch. Unusually the Lord Commissar attached himself to the campaign and joined with a Tul’narus special forces unit to ensure the planetary governor was slain.

The city fighting was ruthless, yet making good progress the Astra Militarum soon encircled the Governor’s palace. This is when the elite infantry made their move. Krieg Engineers moved into the sub levels of the palace planting explosives and destroying any escape tunnels or suspected technologies capable of teleporting the heretics. Veteran Cadians and Kasrkin stormtroopers pushed into the access ways and vehicle garages preventing any form of break out. Lastly the Tul’narus stalkers, with support form the Lord Commissar, entered from the top of the palace to knock out landing pads and secret launch hangers.

The Emperor’s retribution had come.

Alright so I really wanted to make this far cooler, and stuff but goodness am I just having an off year. Oh well.

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