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Jun 6, 2022

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“Betrayer” by Martin Roca

The Lions voice was a low growl barely disturbing the eerie silence of the Citadel. Mere moments ago, he had roared like the beast that was his namesake, as the last two Traitors barring his way crashed lifeless to the ground. Now he and his adversary were the only ones left.

With a wet crunch the World Eater pulled Gorechild free of its last victim, the legendary weapon roaring to life in a short burst, splattering viscera onto the desecrated marble. Kharn turned slowly, venom green lenses now meeting the Lions seething stare. Now that he had finally found him, he felt insurmountable fury at the sight of Khorns chosen. The boiling emotion was for them both, directed at the Traitor for the men he had slaughtered and at himself for being unable to stop him.

Has enviado

Kharn raised Gorechild as if the massive weapon was weightless and rested it on his pauldron before he gestured towards the Ultramarine beckoning him closer. Georgios took a deep breath, focusing his senses for the battle ahead, then took his first step toward the Betrayer, following the invitation.

This time, he told himself, he would not lose.

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