Dark Eldar Sorin Ilithian

Artist: Jonas Špokas

Oct 9, 2022 | Drukhari | 0 comments

Dark Eldar Sorin Ilithian

Sorin ilithian, a high born dark eldar, heir to a one of the most ancient and wealthiest houses in commorragh.

Sorin was assassinated and brought back to life via a Haemonculi utilizing new life leeching technology. Sorin was changed after he was reborn. Silent and predatory/ vampiric looking. Some say his time in the immaterium/utilization of life essence before he comes as reborn is what changed him.

Sorin has since slain his former house members, (accused of plotting his assassination) inherited the house fortune and is now the archon to a power Kabal, Backed by the Haemonculi that resurrected him. Sorin as well as his Kabal utilize this new means of restoration for their souls , life leeching (life essence from blood), this new means of soul restoration, as well as the standard suffering/torture (which all dark eldar use) make his Kabal a potent enemy as well as a primary target. ( Both weapons and armor siphon the life essence from blood for restorative purposes) basically, they’re close combat oriented and like to slaughter to be coated in gore.

(Sorin is a master of his twin blades and is extremely deadly in close combat.)

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