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Mar 12, 2022

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Demiurg by Fabrizio Carminati

Warhammer 40000 – Tau Empire – Demiurg

The Demiurg reside on the far Eastern Fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy and are also found less often deep in areas like the Ultima Segmentum. They are still an uncommon sight in the Imperium, despite the number of sightings of them having increased over recent centuries. They are almost purely space-borne in their massive and majestic commerce vessels. Their history is unconfirmed, as are their origins, intentions and current threat to others. All that is known about them is speculative at best.

The Demiurg are known to have an alliance with the T’au, serving as economic allies of the T’au Empire. They were initially introduced to the T’au via their mutual relations with the Kroot. From the Demiurg, the T’au acquired their knowledge of Ion Cannon technology, which is now used heavily by the T’au in their armies and fleets. Two Brotherhoods of Demiurg, the Srry’Tok and Thurm, are known to have joined the T’au Empire outright.

I didn’t know these guys untill I saw some their spaceships in a picture…So I decided to draw some of their kin while I’m going some Tau Empire stuff in these days. As many things Games Workshop don’t give references about other xenos (And I like it so I can imagine from myself them). So basically a bit of hobbits+gremlins+Yoda+dwarfs…

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