Dragon and the Dynasty Pt3: Dragons Unleashed

Artist: John Stone

Apr 1, 2021 | Necrons, Space Marines | 0 comments

Dragon and the Dynasty Pt3: Dragons Unleashed

Dragons Unleashed

When Zedekiel and his legion’s fleet arrived in orbit a month after the second division had, the division’s fleet was all but destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost and the Emperor knows how many of his sons were left alive on the surface. The Necron forces attacked immediately, showing a tactical acumen they had learned from their space marine foes.  However now they were fighting the legion in all it’s might; led by the Primarch himself. Zedekiel commanded his fleet with the fiery brilliance of an Emperors Dragon. The legion’s gift was always adaptation to overcome any enemy. It was why they were made. Fighting toe to toe Zedekiel pummelled the enemy fleet to dust and with the skies finally clear, brought his troop ships down to take the fight to the Necrons.

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