Artist: SirTiefling

Apr 4, 2021 | Imperium of Man | 0 comments


If I were a serious artist I’d call this “a study” of rugged textures and wild shading and a bit too skintight outfits. But instead I call this “a mere doodle”. Took some time, though.

What’s the story here? Might’ve gone like this:

Vindicarette: “I found a baby-Tyranid!”
Grandmaster: “You found WHAT??”
Vindicarette: “It’s cute! (Well, kinda.) Can I keep it?”
Grandmaster: “Keep it?! Of course not!”
Vindicarette: “Fine! I’ll quit then!”
Grandmaster: “Assassins cannot quit!”

Vindicarette: “O really?”
Yeah, me somehwhwhat tired.

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