Garviel Loken

Artist: Redus The Riot Act

Jan 24, 2022 | Space Marines | 4 comments

Garviel Loken

Garviel Loken if the Luna Wolves. His loyalty to the Imperium is unwavering.

Feels good to make some Warhammer 40k art.

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  1. Make literally any effort

    Oh boy, where to begin.

    The helmet is a direct trace from Syama Pederson’s Astartes
    It was produced way ahead of the Luna Wolves’ time
    Purity seals weren’t a thing during the heresy
    The Inquisition didn’t exist during the heresy
    The Xth legion were the Iron hands…

    The book’s been out for over a decade, it’s not that hard to be marginally accurate.
    Shall we just include stickmen on this site now? As long as it’s tagged 40k, it should make the cut

    • 40K Gallery

      I include many different types of art, some are to cannon and others are not and some way out there.

    • Iaintgivingyoumyname

      Traitors did use MK5 helmets very similar to the current MK7, mainly SoH and WE (FW trying to let players sneak some MK7s into heresy I think)
      Purity seals didn’t exist in heresy, but Oaths of Moment did.
      The inquisition didn’t exist during the heresy, but the Knights Errant did (with an I shaped logo, similar to the ‘current’ time Inquisition) we could assume this is a picture of Loken wearing his old Luna Wolves colours in a first instance of his induction into them.
      Not from the 10th legion, but captain of 10th company.

      • 40K Gallery

        Nice, I’ll have to take your word on that since I don’t know that much history. I remember reading about him in the start of the books but haven’t that much detail.


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