Giant Spined Chaos Beast

Artist: Christopher Burdett
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Dec 17, 2021
Daemons & Chaos Artwork
Giant Spined Chaos Beast

© 2011 Fantasy Flight Games

RAWR! Space monsters! More monsters from the dark grim future, what more could you ask for? These were of course really fun to work on. The one thing that strikes me about working on Warhammer 40K is the importance of being incredibly faithful to the miniatures the art is based on. Miniature reference has been provided to me for 99% of my Warhammer work and each time I was told to make the art look like the mini. For me, this brings up one issue… the color of the monster. I tend to include a lot of color and pattern in my monsters and often the 40K reference I am provided has the monster painted… RED or GREEN and that is it. It is a fine line of putting too much blue and yellow into that GREEN monster when it stops looking like the reference. I make the best of it and know that I am hired to preform a skilled task and it is my job to stick to the reference and make it look good.

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