God-Emperor on the Golden Throne

Artist: Derp June

Jan 30, 2021 | Imperium of Man | 0 comments

God-Emperor on the Golden Throne

so i was stuck in am artist’s block. so to power my way through, i’ve decided that i am just going to go through the wh40k rule book and just draw the things i see from page 1 to the end. not all of them tho obviously. but ones that draw-able. not entire battle scenes and such. just single standalone pieces. and also trying out a new drawing style aaaaand. on the first page, its the corpse emperor on his throne…so… honestly, the only thing i could say about the design…tweaks is that in all the art works of the emperor on his throne, he is like a tiny old man skeleton. which doesnt really makes sense. its not like your bones shrink when you die. and the emperor wasnt a small guy. annnnd thats about it

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