Great Rift

Artist: Mike Zhang
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Feb 26, 2022

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Great Rift by Mike Zhang

Following the opening of the Great Rift, the Imperium of Man was thrown into turmoil as the warp consumed worlds across the galaxy. Holy Terra, capital of humanity’s galactic empire, drowned in anarchy as the planet-city’s populace fell to the Chaos Gods. Through mass sacrifice, warp portals tore through reality from which flowed eighty-eight daemonic cohorts led by eight Bloodthirsters, the Blood God’s greatest champions. The daemons assaulted the Imperial Palace, overwhelming its defences. When the battle reached its zenith, a force of Custodian Guard, personal guardians of the Emperor, sallied fourth from the palace walls. These gilded transhuman sentinels, among the greatest warriors of mankind, proved instrumental in driving the taint of Chaos from the throne world. ⁣

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