Grim Harvest

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Apr 22, 2023

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Grim Harvest by JG O'Donoghue

Grim Harvest 40K

Another part of Cubicle 7 Entertainments 40K Litanies of the Lost book has just had its cover art released and it was done by yours truly. Its been really cool mixing my interest in archaeology with 40K’s horrid future. Here you can see a mix of terrace farming, puquios and chinese dragon backbone machines with 40K models and grim aesthetic. Thanks has to go to the producer Zak Dale Clutterbuck for allowing me to explore with this one. Also thanks has to go to Rachael Macken for designing the cover around the image and the many other creatives who worked on the interior of the book:

More about the book:
Grim Harvest is an investigation-focused adventure that asks the players to resolve a millennia old philosophical argument between the Ecclesiarchy and the Adeptus Mechanicus, all whilst discovering the mysterious truth of the deadly threat a simple farming settlement faces.

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