Heavy Techpriestess

Artist: Blazbaros

Apr 25, 2021 | Adeptus Mechanicus | 0 comments

Heavy Techpriestess

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Unknown Artist: Need Help!

Hey, I'm trying to find the artist of this work. If you know who its from or an idea, please send me a message. If you know their website or portfolio, that would be awesome.
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I am Argel Tal

I am Argel Tal

Captain Argel Tal, 7th Assault Company of the Serrated Sun Chapter, Word Bearers Astartes Legion. This took me forever. Months. It is just a drawing, there is nothing overly spectacular about it, but it means so much to me. For years after reading The First...



The Tale of the Wardens of Light is a tragic tale. A Tale which only a few can remember and fewer ever dared to speak about as it was forbidden by a decret of the Emperor himself to speak about it. However, a few could be swayed to talk about them and some evidence...

Sisters fight by my side!
Sisters fight by my side!

Sisters fight by my side!

The Adepta Sororitas, also known as the Sisters of Battle, are an elite sisterhood of warriors raised from infancy to adore and worship the Emperor of Mankind. Their fanatical devotion and unwavering spiritual purity is a bulwark against corruption, heresy and...

Mechanical Saint

was listening to the soundtrack from the Mechanicus game. THAT SHIT'S GREAT! so i was inspired to draw this



Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work

Cover art for a new Adeptus Mechanicus novel. All right reserved Games Workshop.

Adeptus Mechanicus v.1

One of the biggest influences of my formative years was Warhammer 40K from Games Workshop. I recently discovered I still have all the original 40K rulebooks and it got me thinking that I should really do a tribute. I mean, my work would surely fit in somewhere right?...


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