Homunculi Fleet

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Dec 19, 2022

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Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Homunculi Fleet by Arturbs

Warhammer 40k – Homunculi Fleet

The strange, quiet and well organized warband of followers of the prince of pleasure, shows none or little interest in debauchery, instead dedicating every second of their existence to their creations.

Be servants, demon engines or themselves all their creations are a corrupted mixture between machines and living organism all able to grow, twist, change and replicate themself. All of them are planned and made in a cold and industrial way, no creation is made for the purpose of art, expression, decoration or individual pleasure, all of them must serve a purpose and function.

Few things manage to break the warband cold and straight mentality and one of them is the opportunity to capture and sacrifice Drukhari. Should any opportunity arise to capture the Dark Eldar, the warband will immediately drop whatever they are doing, no matter how important, and begin frantically and relentlessly pursuing their target. This sacrifice made to Slaanesh seems to be the only thing that visibly brings them joy and pleasure.

Hey everyone I’m back, finally manage to finish this illustration. I’ve been very busy with work these past few months.
I got this idea after playing Scorn, a very interesting game in a visual way.

About the short story, I didn’t think too deeply, it was just a fun idea (and my English isn’t great so sorry if the text is weird and doesn’t flow well). Basically the idea came after I finished Scorn and watched a lore video about the Drukhari, I was thinking “wow what a horrible group of people roaming around doing whatever they want… it would be nice if there was a group that had the main objective of chasing them, just for them to taste their own poison”

I hope you like it
See ya!

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11 months ago

Scorn inspired marines ? Awesome