Mortarion vs Jaghatai Khan

Mortarion vs Jaghatai Khan

Mortarion vs Jaghatai Khan at the 2nd battle of Prospero. I have painted Mortarion before. This was different. I am very happy with how he came out. His armour is still white, though the rust and grime is starting to take over, his blade has started to change, it is still some form of powerweapon but it _wants_ to be a demonic weapon. . As a contrast, this was the first time I have ever painted the Khan. The calm in the storm. I kept relatively close to the silhouette of official art of the Khan, but added individual pieces and bits hinting at Chinese/Korean/Mongolian/Japanese designs. Where Mortarion is coming from a confident position, mid-swing, the Khan is composed and waiting to counter and punish. . The background is deliberately left muted and with only random hints at details, the focus is on the two combatants.

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